Lesson One - Let Go of the Past



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We shall begin by letting go of issues from the past that hurt us the most. We shall shed the emotional wounds from the past in the same way a snake sheds its skin – all at once.






Welcome to part two of The Secret of Nature’s Alchemy: Unlock the Hidden Power Within You. I assume that you have read “The Secret of Nature’s Alchemy” book already. If not, it is advisable to read the book before you start the course. The course covers the practical side of the premise of the power within. You can find a link to the eBook below.

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If you want to do this, you have to do it right. Go all the way or else don’t start. And please don’t miss the all-important ‘why’: why are you doing this course? Or, as it may be, why aren’t you doing this course? The excuse that you don’t have time doesn’t stand up. The issue of time typically marks the dividing line between success and failure. Please make time. The voice in your mind telling you that you don’t have time is your conditioned mind blocking the higher connection between you and your true self. If you can pierce the reflex responses of your conditioned mind, you will automatically tap into your true self.

The universe, or nature, works in mysterious ways to bring you the things you need. The only price you have to pay is trust, faith and belief. When you understand how nature works, you will move with nature’s wave instead of against it.

Anger, frustration and all forms of negative energy need to be avoided in order to meditate on any subject of an uplifting nature. The inner self is purified by loving and happy affirmation. Thought can then function clearly to achieve your end desire.

For this exercise, you need time and a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Deactivate your phone and switch off everything that might be a distraction. Even if your partner wants to participate, I strongly recommend you do the exercise separately. You must be able to express your feelings without inhibition. This is your time to heal the wound and let go of the past. Make it as your main priority. The rest can wait.

Please read the self-help lesson first, fully apprehend why it is important to let go of the past and make the necessary preparations before entering guided meditation. It is important to do one lesson at time.










If we are struggling with grief, guilt or shame, we might find it hard to move on from the past. Little do we know that these attachments are the very reasons why we suffer. These feelings of pain, anger and resentment hold us back, and block us from the way forward. They might be called emotional wounds, trapped emotional energy, blocked energy or pain body – all of which refer to the same thing. We’ve all heard the phrase “time is the best healer” – but is this really true?

Just like an energy wave, the energy that permeates you must keep moving. If the energy is blocked and stays in one place, all it can do is circle around itself. There is no other place for it to go because you won’t let it move on. All the energy that you have collected over your life is stored in your energy centre. Science tells us that the harnessed energy of atoms is powerful enough to blow up the world once released. In its equilibrium state, trapped energy will stay harnessed, and this can cause immense physical and emotional harm.

An emotional wound is energy trapped in your body. This energy/pain needs more than just time to heal. It merely subsides with time but doesn’t truly disappear. One may realise this after years of suppressing anguish, only to find that some incident then causes the emotions to resurface. It is vital to deal with these emotional wounds from the root cause; otherwise they will re-open.

To take an example: whilst out driving one day you notice a red Honda like your partner’s and an embracing couple. It is your partner with someone else! This leads to arguments and an eventual break-up. It leaves you with hole in your life. Time goes by, you move on and you marry someone else. You are very happy and have a beautiful family. Then one day, whilst driving with your family, you notice a red Honda and an embracing couple. It all comes back, and your happy family day out is ruined. You never really let go of the initial trauma.

No matter how hard we try to let the past go, it keeps coming back if not deal from the root course. The question is: why do we keep memories that cause anguish, keep us imprisoned, are painful to nurture, work against all our desires, and prevent us from moving on and being happy?

Letting the past go is so difficult because it can trigger fear. We often cling to the unwanted because it is familiar and known to us. Because change is scary, particularly when you don’t know what is coming next. By letting go, we are creating space for the unknown and that can be worrying. The feeling can be turned upside down, however, and become liberating if you remove the root of the pain.

As we now know, everything is energy. Whatever receives our attention grows in significance, whether it is wanted or unwanted. If the focus is on happiness and joy, then happiness and joy will multiply. The same is true for letting go. In relationships, some people are always going to be attracted by bad girls/boys. This is because, however much they try to move on with other relationships, the energy of the old animus will always attract a similar situation. The partner may change, but the vibration remains. Barring a willed withdrawal from life, attention is much more likely to be drawn to unwanted things, and thus generate more unwanted things.


This exercise requires pen and paper, which is preferable in this case to a computer.

Know that:

  • Emotions do not disappear on their own; you have to make the decision to let them go
  • Expressing responsibility for your actions is the starting point
  • Always blaming others and relishing your victim status detracts from self-knowledge
  • Dwell on what you have in the present and enjoy, rather than brood on what you have lost; let the past go
  • Forgive yourself as a prelude to forgiving others

As Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” The solution is never where the problem is. If you want to let go of anger, start by accepting that you feel angry. Don’t deny your feelings or push them away. Embrace them. Give them permission to exist. Say out loud: “Yes, I feel angry. Yes, I feel guilt. I cannot forgive X (say the person’s name). I feel ashamed.” This information is not categorically true but psychologists agree that you can pacify negative thoughts by showing compassion to them.

Once you have reached a place of complete acceptance, you can move on to the next step.


Step 2

1. Write down two or three emotional wounds that have happened in your life.

2. Write down what you feel now about these events. Write as much detail as you can.


Steps 3 and 4

To be undertaken whilst listening to guided meditation. Take a comfortable position, sitting quietly with your back straight or lying down with your arms close to your body, close your eyes and take a long breath through your nose and slowly let it go through your mouth. Repeat this three times and relax. Now listen to your breathing.


Step 5

When you have finished listening to the audio, take the sheets of paper with your emotional wounds, and proceed to burn them in a controlled environment. Alternatively, take the sheets to the bathroom, and set the paper on fire either in the sink or the bath, turn on the tap, and watch the ashes dissolve in the water. Alternatively, rip up the paper into small pieces, wet it and then flush the pieces down the lavatory. Whilst the toilet is flushing or the ashes are disappearing down the plug-hole, give vent to your feelings. Say out loud, “You will never hurt me again, X” (say the person’s name). “I am free from your abuse. It is time for me to move on.” And this really has to be the case. When we flush the lavatory, we don’t go back and retrieve the waste matter. Similarly, when we have a bath we don’t go back and wash in the dirty water.


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