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The Secret of Nature's Alchemy is a website that reaches out to the seekers of reality and guides them to awakening the power within themselves. We offer self-help books and lessons for free and for sale in order to promote a self-development plan, enabling people to manifest the world that they wish to see. Too often, we find ourselves in a downward spiral and stuck with negative habits. Through the natural power of alchemy, this website provides self-help lessons by applying ancient knowledge that enables you to experience true personal growth.

If you want to unlock the hidden power within through a self-development plan grounded in the laws of nature, please take a look at The Secret of Nature's Alchemy.








What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is an inexplicable or mysterious transmutation, as seen through how the word is used to describe the process of turning metal into gold. In this context, alchemy is the process by which energy and matter are manipulated to create a specific manifestation. All phenomena in the universe – including humankind, plants and the animal kingdom – is built by energy being translated into matter. This process can only be truly understood by nature itself. However, this energy is available to us through our words, thoughts, feelings and emotions. And with guidance, you will learn how to use them as tools through which to manifest the world you wish to see thriving.








Lesson One: Let Go of the Past

We shall begin by letting go of issues from the past that hurt the most, shedding these emotional wounds in the same way that a snake sheds its skin – all at once.








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Self Development books. The secret of natures Alchemy: unlock the hidden power within you.

The Secret of Nature's Alchemy:
Unlock the Hidden Power Within You

This book helps you to connect with your deepest potential. Through the subject of poverty, and why it exists in a world of rich abundance, we explore the fundamental laws of nature that you need to be aware of before meaningful transformation becomes possible.

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Self Development books. Everyones child: an African bright-eyed child

Everyone's Child: 
An African Bright-Eyed Child

A story of Willy, a five-year-old who is excited to travel to Europe, only to find herself miles away from her mother following a series of mishaps. She must rely on the kindness of strangers in the UK as she tries to find her mother again. This is the story of Willy's journey to find her true family and a place where she truly belongs.

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